Coloquio IFIS: “”Why black holes are fantastic quantum processors?”

Este miércoles 15 de mayo tenemos un nuevo Coloquio en IFIS. Desde las 11:00 AM en la sala 208, el académico del Instituto de Física PUCV, Ayan Mukhopadhyay, presentará “Why black holes are fantastic quantum processors?”.

Te dejamos el abstract de la presentación:

The existence of black holes leads to deep problems with quantum mechanics. After introducing some basic notions of quantum mechanics, especially entanglement, I will describe the various puzzles which arise in quantum information theory once we accept some simple postulates which are quite natural for black holes in classical general relativity. In particular, I will talk about the black hole complementarity principle, which states that the equivalence principle and the causal nature of black hole spacetime implies that quantum information is replicated and processed in extreme non-trivial ways by an old black hole that leads to information paradoxes. I will also describe recent breakthroughs in resolving these paradoxes from the application of quantum information theory to gravity, and highlight a model for black hole microstates which explains aspects of how black holes obtain the necessary ability for fantastic quantum information processing while gaining their classical absorption and relaxation properties. To conclude, I will describe (i) possible realistic quantum simulators of black holes relevant also for future quantum technology, and (ii) how to possibly confront a theory of black hole microstates with astronomical observations.

Imagen referencial: Olena Shmahalo/Quanta Magazine

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