Seminario de Sistemas Complejos: “Spontaneous symmetry breaking of non-propagative localized driven solitons”

Este miércoles 10 de julio tenemos un nuevo Seminario de Sistemas Complejos en IFIS. Desde las 10:00 AM en la sala 208, Rafael Riveros, estudiante del Magíster en Ciencias con mención en Física, presentará “Spontaneous symmetry breaking of non-propagative localized driven solitons”.

Te dejamos el abstract de la presentación: 

Non-propagative localized driven-damped solitons are nonlinear structures that emerge in the localized driven Faraday waves experiment, particularly when the drive has a Gaussian-shaped spatial profile. Previous experimental and numerical results have shown that the soliton finds an equilibrium position away from the Gaussian drive center for a certain parameter region, suggesting a spontaneous breaking of the reflection symmetry. This talk addresses the problem from a theoretical and numerical perspective using the stationary action principle. This functional formulation allows the use of variational methods to obtain the equations of motion for the soliton position, reducing the spatially extended problem to a two-dimensional dynamical system. The stability of the fixed points is analyzed revealing a pitchfork bifurcation, unveiling the mechanism behind the spontaneous symmetry breaking. The results are compared with experiments and numerical simulations, and further research and applications are discussed.

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