Seminario de Astrofísica, Cosmología y Gravitación: “Developments in the characteristic formulation in General Relativity (GR)”

Thomas Mädler de la Universidad Diego Portales presenta “Developments in the characteristic formulation in General Relativity (GR)” desde las 15:50 en la Sala 208 de la Facultad de Ciencias PUCV.

Te dejamos el abstract de la presentación:

I am presenting recent analytic as well as numerical results in studies with the characteristic formulation of GR, in particular in its affine-null metric formulation when spacetime is foliated wrt null hypersurfaces emanating from a central worldline or a black hole horizon. The talk includes a discussion of the two commonly used null formulations, i.e. Bondi-Sachs and affine-null metric, and compares the two for its advantages and disadvantages. I furthermore present an initial model for Kerr-like black holes in these coordinates. I also show how the evolution system of the Einstein-scalar field equations in spherical symmetry can be written such that it is regular at an apparent horizon. This system is then used to investigate the Choptuik critical phenomena of GR for which the evolution of the scalar field can be followed inside of the event horizon up until the apparent horizon hits the central world line.

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