Olivera Miskovic

“My research interests are in the area of gravity, supergravity and quantum field theory. Recently, I have been working on applications of Gauge/Gravity duality (holographic superconductors, quantum Ward identities, IR renormalization of gravity) and study of physical properties of black holes (their thermodynamics, conserved charges and entropy). My other topics of interest are Hamiltonian formalism, relation of geometry and space-time singularities, asymptotic structure of gravitational theories, etc.

Other important aspects of my academic life are activities related to international collaboration and interaction with graduate and postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers.”

I obtained my BSc and MSc degrees at University of Belgrade, Serbia, trained in a rigorous way of the Russian School. I left Serbia after the bombing of Belgrade to complete my PhD at Universidad de Santiago de Chile, guided by Jorge Zanelli (CECs, Valdivia). After that, I had a postdoctoral position at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile with Máximo Bañados, also visiting the Max-Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics in duration of one year. I have been at the PUCV since 2006, collaborating with the researchers from Chile and abroad, including Serbia.

Correo: olivera.miskovic@pucv.cl
Telefono: +56 32 2274885
Cargo: Profesor Titular

Líneas de Investigación

Research Lines

  • (Super) Gravedad

  • Dualidad Gauge/Gravedad

  • Termodinámica de agujeros negros

  • (Super) Gravity

  • Gauge/Gravity duality

  • Black hole thermodynamics


• Extremal black holes, Stueckelberg scalars and phase transitions, A. Marrani, O. Miskovic, P. Quezada Leon, JHEP 1802 (2018) 080.
• Vacuum Degeneracy and Conformal Mass in Lovelock AdS Gravity, G. Arenas-Henriquez, O. Miskovic, R. Olea, JHEP 1711 (2017) 128.
• Holography in Lovelock Chern-Simons AdS Gravity, B. Cvetković, O. Miskovic, D. Simić, Phys. Rev. D 96 (2017) 044027.
• Thermal phase transitions of dimensionally continued AdS black holes, X.-M. Kuang, O. Miskovic, Phys. Rev. D 95 (2017) 046009.
• Vacuum energy in asymptotically flat 2 +1 gravity, O. Miskovic, R. Olea, D. Roy, Phys. Lett. B 767 (2017) 258-263.
• Magnetic Mass in 4D AdS Gravity, R. Araneda, R. Aros, O. Miskovic, R. Olea, Phys. Rev. D 93 (2016), 084022.
• Dynamical structure of Pure Lovelock gravity, N. Dadhich, R. Durka, N. Merino, O. Miskovic, Phys. Rev. D 93 (2016), 064009.
• Topological black holes in pure Gauss-Bonnet gravity and phase transitions, L. Aránguiz, X-M. Kuang, O. Miskovic, Phys. Rev. D 93 (2016), 064039.
• Conformal mass in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet AdS gravity, D. P. Jatkar, G. Kofinas, O. Miskovic, R. Olea , Phys. Rev. D 91 (2015), 105030.
• Black hole solutions in Chern-Simons AdS supergravity, G. Giribet, N. Merino, O. Miskovic, J. Zanelli, JHEP 1408 (2014) 083.
• Renormalized AdS action and Critical Gravity, O. Miskovic, R. Olea, M. Tsoukalas, JHEP 1408 (2014) 108.
• Conformal Mass in AdS gravity, D. P. Jatkar, G. Kofinas, O. Miskovic, R. Olea, Phys. Rev. D 89 (2014), 124010.
• Free energy of a Lovelock holographic superconductor, L. Aranguiz, O. Miskovic, Eur. Phys. J. C 74 (2014), 2975.
• Holography in 3D AdS gravity with torsion, M. Blagojevic, B. Cvetkovic, O. Miskovic, R. Olea, JHEP 1305 (2013) 103.

Todas mis publicaciones en arXiv

Participación en proyectos


• Gravedad de spin más alto y dualidades, Director del Proyecto CONICYT MEC N°PAI80160107 (año 2017, Extranjero Invitado Ergin Sezgin, Investigador Asociado Per Sundell)
• Aspectos Dinámicos de la Teoría de Gauge de Poincaré, Director del Proyecto CONICYT MEC, N°PAI 80140058 (año 2015, Extranjero Invitado Milutin Blagojevic)


• Dualities in higher-order gravities, Investigador responsable, Proyecto FONDECYT Regular N° 1110102 (2011-2015).
• Boundary dynamics in anti-de Sitter gravity and gauge/gravity duality, Co-investigador, Proyecto FONDECYT Regular N° 1170765 (2017-2021, IR Rodrigo Olea).
• Aspects of gauge/gravity dualities, Co-Investigador, Proyecto FONDECYT Regular N° 1131075 (2013-2017, IR Rodrigo Olea).
• Quantum mechanics of geometric systems, Co-Investigador, Proyecto FONDECYT Regular N° 1100755 (2010-2014, IR Jorge Zanelli).

FONDECYT Postdoctorado

• Gauge symmetries in gravity with applications in non-relativistic physics and holography, Investigador patrocinante, Proyecto FONDECYT Postdoctorado N°3160139 (2015-2018, IR Debraj Roy).
• Expansion methods and its physical applications, Investigador patrocinante, Proyecto FONDECYT Postdoctorado N°3130445 (2012-2015, IR Nelson Merino).
• Topological invariants in AdS gravity and gauge/gravity dualities, Investigador Patrocinante, Proyecto FONDECYT Postdoctorado N°3140092 (2013-2016, IR Remigiusz Durka).
• Applications of holographic gravity to strongly coupled systems via gauge/gravity dualities, Investigador Patrocinante, Proyecto FONDECYT Postdoctorado N°3150006 (2014-2017, IR XiaoMei Kuang).

Otros proyectos externos

• Scalar fields and anti-de Sitter gravity, Investigador responsable, Proyecto FONDECYT Iniciación N° 11070146 (2007-2010).
• Physical content of higher-dimensional Chern-Simons AdS supergravities, Investigador Responsible, Proyecto FONDECYT Postdoctorado N°3040026 (2004-2006).