Maria Argudo Fernández

Understanding the formation and the evolution of galaxies is one of the most important topics in modern astrophysics. How the tiny blob we can barely detect at high redshift have become the incredibly diverse zoo of galaxies we observe in the local Universe? To answer this question, we need to understand what drives the evolution of galaxies. Is evolution mainly driven by internal processes or rather by the large scale environment? In this endeavour, it is key that we have at our disposal a sample of isolated galaxies that mostly have evolved on their own across cosmic times, and whose environment is well characterised and understood. My main scientific aim is to understand how galaxies form and evolve. For that my research is focused on trying to disentangle nature, the effect of secular processes, from nurture, the effect of their environment.

I got my BSc degree at the University of La Laguna, Tenerife (Spain) in 2009. Then I moved to the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia, in Granada (Spain) where I got my MSc (2011) and PhD (2013) degrees by the University of Granada. My PhD Thesis, which is entitled "Characterisation of an Isolated Galaxy Sample: Astrophysical Implications", was awarded with the highest score (Cum Laude) and granted with the Extraordinary PhD Thesis Award of the University of Granada in Sciences Area .
I did my first postdoctoral stay at the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (China) thanks to an SDSS-IV fellowship in 2014 and a PIFI fellowship from the Chinese Academy of Sciences during 2015. I came to Chile in 2016 to do my second postdoctoral stay at the Center for Astronomy of the University of Antofagasta thanks to a postdoctoral FONDECYT and a CAS-CONICYT fellowship. Since 2019 I am working as an associate professor at the Physics Institute of the PUCV.

Telefono: +56 32 2274879
Cargo: Profesora Asociada

Research lines

Galaxy formation and evolution / Formación y evolución de galaxias
Star formation / Formación estelar
Galaxy interactions / Galaxias en interacción

Public Outreach and Community Involvement

I’m leading AstroBVI, a project on Inclusive Astronomy funded by the Office of the Astronomy for Development of the International Astronomical Union. We aim to make astronomy in general, and galaxies in particular, more accessible to children with visual impairments. I'm also a member of the board of the Chilean Astronomical Society ( SOCHIAS ).